Mark 9:24

Look at the Body of Christ

In Lay Meditations on July 16, 2011 at 5:38 am

Pauline language which indicates believers are the Body of Christ only reaches its full meaning not when we represent it in abstractions and platitudes, but when we consider what the body of Christ looks like. Not on the boat or on the Mount or even before Pilate — but on the cross. Remember also: Even after the resurrection, Christ retains his wounds. And who put the wounds there? We did, by each of our sins.

Contrast this with a Google Image search for "Body of Christ."

If God allows our sins so that a greater good may come, it is only because that by the wounds of Christ doubting Thomas believes. And so we see even here the final evangelical mission of Christianity. We see even here the essential core of the truth that we are to proclaim truth not only among the pagans but especially those even worse off: the faithless, the disenfranchised, and all else who have repudiated their birthright in their brief, dark Sabbath.

We cannot merely kick the dust from our feet, or pass by on the other side, when the faith of our brother is stripped from him, when he falls among the adversary and so is beaten. We must first realize that just as the disciples felt between the apparent triumph of the adversary on Golgotha and moment they saw the real triumph of Christ, just so are unbelievers stuck in a brief, dark Sabbath in which they nonetheless see no end in sight. We must minister to him.

Evangelium — good news indeed! — comes from the knowledge that we are not in a dark Sabbath at all. We have the Spirit to guide us and aid us, and we can come to know Christ, and through Him the Father. All will be well, even if we cannot understand it. Just as even our earthly fathers pull away their arms to let us learn to take a few, fumbling steps, just so does our Heavenly Father seem to withdraw, but only seem, that we may, by ever stronger and sturdier strides, honor Him more fully.

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